Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally, a new post...

Hello!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Finally, a post... after a long time. Christmas has come and gone and just when I thought things would finally get back to normal and I had time to breathe...yesterday, we had an island wide power outage. Aaaaah! I was just about to post some pictures and zzzzzt... the power went out and I lost the internet connection. We didn't have power from 6:30 pm. I still could've done a lot of other things, but just being in the dark made me sleepy, so I went to bed quite early. It was nice to catch up on some much needed sleep. Other parts of the island got their power back by 3:30 am...but not us, we didn't get power back until around 11:00 am or so this morning. My brother-in-law jokingly said that our area must not be "essential"... no kidding.
Anyway, I wanted to share with you first some pictures of the other jars I made this Christmas. I just need to make a few more non-Christmassy ones and they will be put away for another year or until someone asks me to make them again. A couple of my friends needed some gift card holders, so I used the pull out card pattern that Jean from Dandelion Designs shares and altered the pattern to perfectly fit gift cards. Instead of having a stamped message on the pull out part, I attached the gift card. These are two images that I just bought this year. The bear with gifts is a Whipper Snapper image and bear with snowman is a C.C. Designs stamp. They were both too cute to pass up and they were the perfect size to decorate this holder. That's about all I have to share right now, but for Christmas, I received a book that had patterns for some handmade cards. I can't wait to start using them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Winners....

And so, I'm back tonight to do a quick post to announce that I will be giving both Cathy Y. and Joy a jar since they were the only 2 that commented. Ladies, please email me at with your addresses so that I can mail them to you. In your email, please state which character you'd like to receive. I've showed you a gingerbread man and a snowman...I also make a penguin, cat, dog, and a bear. I don't have a picture of the cat, dog, or bear right now... I forgot to take a picture of before I gave my friend her order. I do have a picture here showing the penguin. This was another order that I delivered to another friend. Well, I'm off the finish up the rest of the jars, and then I'll get back in to the papercraft scene. Someone asked me to make them some gift card holders, so I'll need to get that this week as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Snowman Time!

Hope you had a nice Sunday! I'm back, a little late... and I didn't get to finish all that I wanted to today. I did pack the cookies, wrapped the gifts, went to my party, didn't finish ALL of the jars, but instead did some laundry, and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. Not bad...but could've been better.

Anyway, as promised I'm posting another giveaway. You will have until Tuesday, 11:59 pm Hawaii Time to leave a comment on this post for your chance to get this Snowman. He'll be trimmed with a scarf when he's dressed up. I'll be randomly picking the winner on Wednesday.

I am now officially starting to feel the stress of the holiday season. And the countdown begins, 11 days until Christmas! Are we cheery yet?

And the Winner Is.....

And the winner is.... Charlotte! Please send me your address via email to so that I can mail this out to you. You are the winner of my Gingerbread Man Jar. I hope you like Gingerbread Men. He stands about 6" high. This particular jar is a pint size, mason Kerr jar, so you can unscrew his top and wash the rest of the bottle. He still needs to be fed, so I'll fill his tummy with some sweets and of course he wants to be dressed up when he meets you, so he'll wear his best duds, a ribbon and jingle bell. He can't wait to meet you!

That was fun! Thanks to the rest of you who left comments. Since there is still some time before Christmas, I think I'll do that again. So, now that you know what it really looks like instead of a sea of body parts, later today, I'll set up another announcement to give away another jar. I still haven't decided if it will be the same jar or a different critter.

I first made these years ago. The last time being around 2003. My friend remembered them and had requested some of the jars to give away for Christmas, the order wasn't too bad, only 7...and that friend mentioned it to a couple of our other friends (adding another 23), and then I was working on it at home and another friend who comes over regularly to my house saw it, so she wanted 5 and she told someone else, so now I my total count is up to 42. Thus the box of stuffed heads and arms. Who knows, if I have enough time after I finish these, I may even do a third giveaway.

Be sure to check back! Now I'm off to finish up some more of these jars, pack the huge amount of cookies a friend and I made yesterday, and then wrap my gifts for a Christmas brunch today. I hope I have enough time. 2 hours and counting, to be a little more realistic, maybe I have to hold off on the cookies til this afternoon. It really is a busy time of the year!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What I've Been Working On...

Hello! Sorry for my absence. I thought I would have enough time to set up a couple of posts pre-loaded to share while I was gone on my short trip to Vegas... but that didn't happen, so here I am back in Hawaii with at least 1 card to share for now and some pictures of what's been keeping me busy. This card is a re-do that I got the idea for from Stamp Camp. The card slides open and reveals something hidden. The sentiment is from Stampin' Up and the inside is Dandelion Designs' Snowman. This snowman is so cute!!! I used it at Jean's make and take for her Candy Cane favor and I just had to buy it after that!

I haven't been working on too much cards lately, but need to get back into gear, and in a hurry too... I have several projects that I need to finish in the next week and a half. The last couple of weeks, I've been working on this and I hope to be done by Sunday. Here's a sneak peak. You must be thinking... "What is this?" Take a closer look, I think you can guess. If you're interested, leave me a comment on THIS post by Saturday, 12/13/08, 11:59pm Hawaii Time and I'll have my other half choose one person randomly on Sunday, to be the receiver of one of one of these. Don't worry, it will be a completed one, not in pieces like this. I'll post the winner on Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Aloha RAK for Chris

In November, I made this for my RAK partner. It was the first RAK that I participated in. My RAK consisted of a folder with pockets, with a memo pad and card hidden inside, and a mini note card with my message to her. I really enjoyed making this for Chris. I sure hope that she really liked it.

Here's a picture of the folder opened, sorry, bad lighting. Chris has some pictures on her blog as well. She has some really nice projects on her blog as well, so if you haven't been there...go check it out.

Still need to take pictures of my snowman card, plus I wanted to post what's been keeping me busy this week, my non-paper craft project. I'll try and get that posted tomorrow... gotta get some rest now!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Monday!

I caught a cold and hadn't been feeling too well since Friday night, but I did manage to make this card to enter PCP's 12 days of Christmas, for Day 2. In the traditional 12 days of Christmas, "On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two turtle doves...." I didn't have a dove, so I used two turtles. You were supposed to use a turtle, dove, or any other amphibian in your card. So, I chose Dandelion Design's turtle image. I had just bought those plastic watch covers to make the shakers, same idea as the paperclip that Lianne had made (several posts down). Added some plastic bubbles, ribbon, and did some faux stitching. It took me awhile, but it was fun!

I also made this gingerbread man mini card, but I missed the deadline to post the entry, "Ohh Nicky". This was for a challenge on MDC, but I didn't follow the guidelines anyway, another "Ohh Nicky" moment. It was a color challenge and you got bonus points for using a gingerbread man image. I only had the idea of using a gingerbread man, and forgot about the colors. Plus I wanted to use the rest of the red gingham paper and the same ribbon. Thought it matched the gingerbread men so well. Oh well...I still enjoyed making the card. This was a Penny Black stamp.

I spent the rest of my weekend finishing up another card using Dandelion Designs' Snowmen image and making a non-stamping craft project. I'll share that later this week...I still need to take pictures of it. Christmas is right around the corner...are you ready?