Sunday, December 14, 2008

And the Winner Is.....

And the winner is.... Charlotte! Please send me your address via email to so that I can mail this out to you. You are the winner of my Gingerbread Man Jar. I hope you like Gingerbread Men. He stands about 6" high. This particular jar is a pint size, mason Kerr jar, so you can unscrew his top and wash the rest of the bottle. He still needs to be fed, so I'll fill his tummy with some sweets and of course he wants to be dressed up when he meets you, so he'll wear his best duds, a ribbon and jingle bell. He can't wait to meet you!

That was fun! Thanks to the rest of you who left comments. Since there is still some time before Christmas, I think I'll do that again. So, now that you know what it really looks like instead of a sea of body parts, later today, I'll set up another announcement to give away another jar. I still haven't decided if it will be the same jar or a different critter.

I first made these years ago. The last time being around 2003. My friend remembered them and had requested some of the jars to give away for Christmas, the order wasn't too bad, only 7...and that friend mentioned it to a couple of our other friends (adding another 23), and then I was working on it at home and another friend who comes over regularly to my house saw it, so she wanted 5 and she told someone else, so now I my total count is up to 42. Thus the box of stuffed heads and arms. Who knows, if I have enough time after I finish these, I may even do a third giveaway.

Be sure to check back! Now I'm off to finish up some more of these jars, pack the huge amount of cookies a friend and I made yesterday, and then wrap my gifts for a Christmas brunch today. I hope I have enough time. 2 hours and counting, to be a little more realistic, maybe I have to hold off on the cookies til this afternoon. It really is a busy time of the year!


Joy said...

he is so cute! I didn't even realize what they could turn out to be. Charlotte is so lucky!

Cathy Y. said...

Cute, cute! That gingerbread man jar is the cutest - he has such a cute face too! Man, you've been busy. Congrats to Charlotte - she'll be so happy!

Rina said...

Oh how adorable. So that's what all those "Somethings" (lol) were!?! I would have never thought. Very creative.

Bt the way...will you be attending Little C's Christmas party, this weekend? Hope to see you there.

Rina said...


Heather said...

Oh My word Nicki these are adorable!!!!!

I love them how cool. I remember when you left me the comment to come check them out and we were on our way out of town, I could not come then I wish I had they are totally cute, and how much work you did!

Amazing girl I love them!!!