Saturday, April 04, 2009

Annie and Cassie

Here are a few photos that I took of the was really hard to get some good shots. This was the best I could do out of 40 photos. They kept moving around. The mixed color one is Cassandra (Cassie) and the all gray one is Annabelle (Annie). They don't really know their names, but they do respond to you if you walk by the cage. There favorite thing to eat is Cheerios. They both love to get out of their cage and they run fast, but it's funny, they don't roam too far. We recently bought them each a clear pet ball for exercise. Once they get in, they run, and roll, and roll, and roll. Annie and Cassie are very sweet and amazingly gentle critters. : ) Hope you're having a great weekend!




Linda said...

OMG - they are so cute! I just love their little hands and feet (paws)! Very sweet little creatures ... thanks for sharing your "family" with us. Have a great weekend!

mudmaven said...

WOW they are really cute! Thanks so much for sharing some pix with us. ~chris

Teri said...

Annie & Cassie are cute! Don't tell Mochiko :)

Cathy Y. said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! They look cute in the pictures but I think I'll let you be the one holding them. Ha, ha!