Friday, April 09, 2010


These pictures and thank yous are long over due. I've been horrible at sharing all of the wonderful RAKs that I receive. I haven't been crafting much lately, but when I do get the chance to do something, I really do enjoy it. Which is why I love these get togethers that I get invited to, it's my opportunity to dust off my supplies and try to create something to share. It also gives me an opportunity to spend time with some really fun people. My time spent at these outings are ALWAYS fun!!!

The most recent get together was a mini gathering at Linda's house. She so graciously opened her home to a small bunch of us. These are some of the RAKs that I received from Dawne, Kyoko, and Janis.

This is a make 'n take that Linda shared with us. It was a challenge to make this one. It's a memo pad or post-it holder. Holds 3x3 paper. It's even got a little compartment in the back to hold a extra pad.

Janis did a make 'n take as well and it was an easel calendar with a little drawer. Cute!!!

In the mail, Jen sent me a birthday card filled with these CUTE Chococat cutouts that she made with her cricut. She must have created this because I don't think that there's a Chococat on the Hello Kitty Cartidges.

Kyoko made this card for me and filled it with a birthday goodie. It's a shaker card!

Linda gave me this card. I love this image and she also gave me a image to I will definitely need to ink it up and make a card with it and get it posted.

This brithday card was mailed all the way from the United Kingdom. It's from Claire Warhurst. So intricate!!! Claire participated in Jen's Birthday RAK club. Sooo sweet of her to mail a card to me.

I received one other handmade card and some goodies from Joni, but I still need to take a picture of her cute card, so that will wait for another post. I hope that you all are doing well! Happy Crafting and Have a Wonderful Weekend!


joni h said...

a post by nicky?! I must be dreaming....pinch...ouch! nope! haha..great stuffs you got! Love those MnT projects. They're cute and east to make, huh?! Have a great week!

Brenda said...

you've got great stuff to share! love them all!

Kyoko said...

Hi Nicky! Wasn't it fun at Linda's house!! Thanks for showing us your project too - I love it! TTYL!


Teri said...

Great projects and raks Nicky! Hope all is well with you!

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Carla said...

The 1st and the 4th are so gorgeous ! :)

Gina Wrona said...

Happy 2012 Birthday Nicky!

Jen's BRAK Club

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