Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aloha RAK from Chris

I arrived home late from work today... it was a long day. I opened the mailbox expecting to see bills and more junk mail, the usual. But to my surprise, I received a box from Chris, my partner for the Aloha Monthly RAK Group. Woo hoo! She had perfect timing... and it really made my day. I wanted to get this posted right away...so here it is. I sat down and immediately began tearing the box open to reveal a nicely wrapped package. Enclosed was a thank you card with her message tucked inside. I carefully removed the ribbon and found these beautiful cards and monogram mini notecards and envelopes. Her colors coordinate so well and her work is always so neat. These are so pretty that I want to just keep them all for myself... but she made a bunch...so I guess I can use some of them...but definitely not all. Thank you so much Chris!!! I'll post what I sent to Chris a little later. If you'd like to participate in this month's Aloha RAK Group, Tracy just posted the sign up on her blog. You have to sign up by November 30th to participate in December.


mudmaven said...

I'm so glad it arrived in one piece and really glad that you liked it! Participating in Tracy's Aloha RAK is so much fun! ~chris

Cathy Y. said...

What a nice RAK you got! How lucky - your monogram cards are so nice! Nice colors too.