Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Ok, a few day late for Valentine's Day... we were having some technical difficulties with the computer, but all seems to be well now. Here are some Valentine's Cards that I made this year. I forgot to take pictures of a couple of other cards I made before I gave them away. This first one was made for my other half. He had asked me if I was going to make him a card, since I'd been making cards for everyone else all this time. He's been really supportive of my time spent on the computer and my time spent stamping. I wrote inside that he'd always be my #1 Valentine. I honestly thought that he has just glossed over my message inside, but when he was asked what it said, he repeated it word for word... Hee hee...he really did pay attention...I know "Ohh Nicky, how could you think that... of course he didn't just gloss over it!"

All of these cards were made with images from C.C. Designs Rubber Stamps. I love these images...I'm so glad that I ordered them in time for Valentine's Day. I'm sure I can use them for other occassions, but it was so perfect for Valentine's.


mudmaven said...

So sweet! I was bad this year and didn't make one for my dh! Gasp! I'll make it up to him though. ~chris

Enjoli said...

Love these card. They are too cute! =)

Teri said...

Awww, these cards are sooo sweet! I'm sure your other half loved his card!! I didn't even make my hubby a card. Eh, come to think of it, he never gave me one year :)