Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first post for June

I'm back! I know it's already June 28th and this is my FIRST post for the month of June. I'll try to keep this brief, so that I can get back to my craft desk and start making stuff. First of all, I wanted to say thank you to all these talented ladies. These are the RAKS that I received.

She made this accordion folder closed with velcro and inside, there were these extra goodies and some cute stamped images.

FROM Denise - Denise Loves Stamps

This is a card folder. I should have took a picture of it opened. It had two pockets on the inside and it filled with some hand stamped images... I love this folder.

FROM Linda - Simple and Sassy Creations

She made this purse box... closes with velcro. Inside she had some stamped images and a Chococat notepad and a cellphone charm. As you know, Chococat is my favorite!

FROM Marisa -Marisa Faylim Designs

I recieved this June ALOHA RAK. For June, it was a flower theme. Marisa also included some extra goodies...I tried to fit them all into the picture. These flowers are just beautiful!

Here's a better picture of the card. I love what she did with the colors...

Thank you to ALL for their thoughtful and generous RAKS.

Ok... and now here are a couple cards I've made in June. Yes, just a couple : ( I made a few more that I needed for parties and graduations this month... but as usual, I was putting on the finishing touches 5 minutes before leaving the house to go to the I didn't take any pictures.

This was the card for my June Aloha RAK. It's a Penny Black image. I punched holes where the stamped flowers were so that I could run the wire of these flowers through the back. In hind sight, I probably should have just cut the wire off. The roses are from Natural Accents. I hope she likes her card...I added some small goodies with her card. It was late being mailed she probably wont get it until tomorrow.

Dawne came over to my house at the beginning of June and we were intent on working on our projects together. I'm happy to say that I actually worked on something with her help and with her stuff...and made this card for my nephew Ryder's 1st Birthday! He was born in the Year of the Monkey... so it fits him perfectly!

I hope you all had a restful Sunday... : ) Take care and thanks for stopping by!


Denise said...

It was nice meeting you today. Thanks for the yummy & cute rak.

Fay said... got some great RAKS! And made some cute cards, too. Welcome back!!

Linda said...

Hey Nicky! It was great meeting you today! Hopefully next time you can stay longer. Thank YOU for the cute RAK, yummy candy and delicious pastries! You made some cute cards! Glad you're back to posting - ttyl!

Kyoko said...

Hi Nicky! It was so nice to meet you today and sorry that you couldn't stay longer to witness the craziness ... not from me mind you, but the other ladies ... OH BOY!!!

Thank you so much for the RAK you stay up til 3am to make for us ... SO SWEET!

Take Care and have a great week!

Jamee said...

it was nice meeting you today!!!

Jamee said...

oh, and kyoko is the one that was getting crazy after you left, haha!!!

de said...

Love your cards! I love those little folders too. Kyoko sent me a similar one with some Ketto's. She's such a sweetheart. I need to get that template! Sounds like you guys had fun crafting yesterday! Lovely RAKs! Great cards!

Marisa said...

I am glad you liked everything Nicky! Awesome meeting you through the swap! Have a great day! :)

jennyv said...

Hi Nicky! Sorry I miss you at the gathering. Hope to meet you maybe at the next gathering. Thanks for the cute box and yummy chocolate inside. It's one of my favorite. Cute card for your nephew. I love the monkey image.