Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Blog Candy

Here is the first of the 3 blog candies that I'll be giving away! This one is to help celebrate my birthday. I'll be adding a few more thing to this before I mail it to the winner. So far it includes a pack of printed paper and cardstock, a cardboard cut outs, stickles, roll of ribbon, some embelishments, and a gelly roll glitter pen.

In order to play, leave a comment on this post and share with me one of your favorite birthday gifts that you've received over the years...be sure to include your "approximate" age at the time of the gift and explain why it's one of your favorites. You have until 11:59 pm Hawaii Time on March 27th, to leave your comment. I'll announce the winner on Saturday, March 28th.

For me, last year at the age of well, let's say "somewhere in my 30's", I woke up to a note left on my bathroom mirror...the note indicated that my favorite stuffed sheep had invited his brother and nephew all the way from the UK to come live with us in Hawaii. Below the note, sat an identical twin and a miniature version of my Sheepy. To give you a little background, on our trip to New Zealand in 2006, I picked up a NICI sheep as a souvenir. I've slept with him under my neck every night since...needless to say, he was rather dingy looking after 2 years...well loved, you could say. I had always talked about finding another Sheepy and how sad I would be once he fell apart. Come to find out that they didn't sell him just anywhere. We'd have to order himj online and pay an arm and a leg for shipping, so that was out. Or so I thought. He ordered it online and managed to keep it a big secret. He waited til I fell asleep and then strategically placed them so that I would get up in the morning and see them staring at me as I put my eyes on. Gotta love him for that! It was so thoughtful and made me teary!


jennyv said...

Last year when I was 21 yeah right no when I was 27 my boyfriend knew I always complain about my bad migraines so he got me a Rhythm Touch Massager. So everytime I have a migraine I just put the pad on my head and after about 5-10mins it goes away.

Happy Belated Birthday Nicky.I'm sure you had a great birthday.
Thanks for a chance to win.


Enjoli said...

Hi Nicky! That is so sweet that you got another sheep! =) My 25th b-day my hubby surprised me with a brand new car. In my fav color too. Hehehe... Hope you have a great weekend! =)