Saturday, March 21, 2009

RAK's from Kristie, Tia, and Tracy

These are RAK's I should've posted a long time ago. Kristie was my January Aloha RAK partner. This RAK exchange is hosted by Tracy, from Tracy's Happy Place. Kristie made this cute card for me...purple and that color combo. You can't see it too well in the picture, but the background on the green paper has a dotted texture. Look how she colored the dress, it looks like it has texture too. This image is so cute...Thank you Kristie!

I received this card from Tia in February. I participated in a card swap that Teri from Big Ideas from a Little Girl hosted. I has posted the card that I made for Tia in an old post. I had a picture of Tia's card with all of the embelishments attached, but that picture was lost when the computer was taken. : ( There was a heart button on the blue flower and I'm missing a red dew drop. The card is still cute though. She added a lot of detail. Love the layout and of course Anya is so cute sporting her overalls. Thank you Tia!

I received this RAK from Tracy from Tracy's Happy Place. It was from her Christmas Card Challenge that she's been holding on her blog every month. What yummy goodies! Thanks Tracy! She posts the challenge on the 15th of the month. To participate, you just need to follow the requirements, make 5 cards, and then post the link to your 5 cards on her blog. It's really fun and helps you get a jump on getting those Christmas Cards done early!

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