Monday, March 02, 2009

February ALOHA RAK from Anne

I got this box of goodies from Anne in Arizona. So sweet. Her card is so pretty. Again, I'm so sorry for the poor lighting on the card. I'm not quite sure what she used to make it, but it sure is pretty. She sent me a bunch of other goodies too. She even sent me a mini Hello Kitty picture frame. Thanks Anne!

I took a picture of the card that I sent to her, but I am really sad because it was on my computer : ( I went with an Easter theme and attempted to add some pearls with wire. I used the Girl and Boy with Easter Baskets from Dandelion Designs. Shucks! Oh well, I hope that the card made it to her intact!

Well, that's it for today... I can take pictures tonight... but will not be able to post until later because I don't have the cord for my camera. My other computer was great... I could just take the card out from the camera and stick it in to the computer to download the pictures... I'm using a friend's computer tonight, so I should just be happy for that.

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Teri said...

what a sweet rak!