Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Fun Game...

Chris of Mudmaven Designs tagged me to participate in this fun game. I'm supposed to go the 6th picture, in my 6th folder, where I store my pictures, and then tell the story behind that picture. So, here's my picture. It's from Feb 2006. I don't really know why this picture is in MY folders...but I think it's because my other half was going to sell it, so he needed to take photos of it and he used my camera. He took it apart, fixed some stuff on it, painted it and put it back together...he's pretty handy! : ) LOL!!! I think when he got it, it was blue. He sold this bike and bought another one. I still worry when he rides, but he really loves it! I'd be sad if he told me that I couldn't do my hobby...but my hobby is not REALLY dangerous. Unless you count my over-reaction the time that I snipped my finger with my fabric shears...thought I was going to pass out, but I think it was because I saw the blood rush wasn't THAT sore.

Now on to tagging 6 people to join in on the fun. Please don't feel obligated to play along, but if you do... leave me a comment so that I can check out your picture!

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mudmaven said...

I worry about my dh on the sailboat too - He's careful, but sometimes it's a bit much for him to handle by himself I think (fear). H lets me do my thing though so I can't really complain either! My pottery can get dangerous sometimes - all that heat anyway as I fire to 2500 degrees. Thanks for all the wonderful comments - you sure were getting caught up today! Glad to see you back. ~chris

Maria said...

Oooh, Nicky. . .I love your blog name. Such a cool motorcycle. I had an ex (back in my 20s)that had a motorcycle and no car and I had to ride in the back of the bike. . .not a fun experience at all. I can't understand the thrill of riding a motorcycle. I hated people looking at me when we were at a stop light. It felt weird.

Thanks for sharing the picture!!


Joy said...

cool bike...I don't know what my sixth picture will be, but I will give it a try...let me go and see! thanks for the tag!

jennyv said...

Hi Nicky! I finally got my picture up.Sorry it took so long my boyfriend was restoring eveything on the computer.Because he had to make some backup for his slide show that he creates for parties.So here it is on my blog.Same with Maria back when me and my boyfriend was on a break. I had dated someone who had a motorcycle, it was fun but the trill in your head was overwheeling to be thinking about hoping that we won't crash in to something or someone. That's why after riding the motorcyle I would have a headaches. This was a fun game just looking at old pix from my pix folders, reminiscing about my life.


Enjoli said...

Hi Nicky! I finally got my picture posted! =)