Saturday, January 03, 2009

Last of the Jars for Awhile

I're probably getting sick of looking at pictures of these jars, but don't worry, these will be the last pictures for awhile. After this I will focus on my card and paper crafts. Of all the crafts I've ever done...I enjoyed this one the most.
I was trying to convince a friend today that she should set up a blog to show all of the nice things that she makes. In fact, she dropped some off some goodies for me today and spent some time with me...I wanted to post pictures of her projects, but she asked me not to... so, to abide by her wishes, I wont post them. But I bet if you saw what she made, you'd encourage her to start a blog too. She frequently visits my blog as well as many others. In fact, she's the reason that I've found my way into the blog world. I appreciate her a lot and I'm so thankful that she's come into my life. I hope soon, she'll decide to start up a blog. : )


mudmaven said...

Oh my - she could be your first featured artist - maybe when she sees how much everyone loves what she makes she'll get the encouragement she needs! Can you email me your favorite color (my email is cpereira (at) mudmaven (dot) com)? I want your monogrammed item to be in a color you like! ~chris

Joy said...'re it...come check out my blog to see what I'm talking about! thanks for our pups! we love them!

Teri said...

These are super cute!! I love all of them! Do you have more to sell?